1. Lotus Part 2

From the recording Lotus

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Lotus Part 2

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Lotus Part 2 is the final tune on Lotus and is a duet between Isabella and her father Jay Rinsen Weik. Using the same poem as Lotus Part 1 Isabella and Jay created another free jazz piece. This piece is much more uplifting, light, and spacious. Isabella at the very end of the piece changes the pronoun of “we” to “I” as an homage to her life and the success she has had despite some troubling health problems in the past. Isabella is proud of the person she is and is looking to the future with hope, love, and gratitude. Her Buddhist upbringing and Jazz background has molded Isabella into the young woman she is today and she will continue to honor these cultures in her day to day life. Special thanks to Mr. Jay Welenc for creating the album project assignment.