1. Spring Time

From the recording Lotus

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Spring Time

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Spring Time is a jazz ballad written by Isabella her junior year of high school. The Lyrics to Spring Time were written while Isabella was procrastinating getting her Anatomy homework done. She felt slothful as the end of the school year and decided to write a song expressing that feeling. In Buddhism there is a chant called the Evening Gatha that is sometimes recited at the end of a service. It goes as follows, “Let me respectfully remind you, life and death are of supreme importance, time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost, on this night, the days of our life are decreased by one, each one of us should strive to awaken, awaken! Take heed! Do not squander your life.” Isabella is inspired by this chant and the importance of each moment. Spring Time is about overcoming the pulls of procrastination and following the path to awakening.